FAQ on Philadelphia HOA Management

What’s is HOA Management?

Homeowner’s Association Management (HOA Management) is an broad term that describes a large variety of services a Condo Association Community might need. It refers to a Professional Management Company, managing the workings of a condo association. There are a lot of working parts to managing a Philadelphia HOA to be successfully. Do delve deeper go Here.

How to Switch Your HOA Association Management Company?

Return any of our products--no questions asked--within 30 days of purchase. We even pay return shipping.

Q: How Do you run a homeowners association (HOA)?

A: If an HOA has been incorporated, the governing document that runs the HOA would be the Articles of Incorporation. This document tends to override all others. This document will often include the rules of the HOA including detailed descriptions in the HOA's By-Laws. Our HOA Management Company must comply with these laws.

Q: What are the most common duties of your HOA management service to us?

A: Our HOA Management Company typically looks after the common property shared by all the units. Sidewalks, the foyers, hallways, basements, common room storage areas, court yards are example of typical common area. Our HOA Management Company also is typically responsible for ensuring residents the rules of the building (by-laws & (regulations) are followed by all the tenants. Examples are things like pet restrictions, leaving not allowed items in the common area. Our management company is typically responsible for the collection of HOA fees and to facilitate building repairs and maintenance and prevention.