10 traits of an effective board member

10 common traits of effective condo board members

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  1. Remain consistent: When enforcing HOA regulations, you need to be consistent.  Condo owners are likely to accord more respect to your authority if they notice that you treat each person equally.
  2. Be fair: Try to set aside your biases and make objective decisions. Your actions should set an example.
  3. Be thorough:  You should also have integrity even when you’re not being observed.
  4. Pay attention to details: Make sure you pay attention to details when searching through the foundation documents of your condo community before you enforce any policies.
  5. Be cooperative: Listen to all the sides of a story and work hard to find an acceptable consensus.
  6. Be transparent: Be ready to share any information with the members of the HOA community when necessary.
  7. Be flexible: Be willing to change strategies for the common good of all if there’s a better way.
  8. Learn to take things in stride: Disagreements happens, and you really can’t afford to take some things personally as a condo board member.
  9. Be open to help: You won’t always have all the answers so you should be willing to ask for help. Don’t allow pride to stop you from learning from an expert.
  10. Learn to delegate: Be ready to relinquish control of some projects to others when necessary, trusting that they’ll be able to complete it. Read: 3 Ways to Deal with Slacking HOA Board Members

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