5 Simple Ways HOA Owners Can Volunteer

Philadelphia HOA Community Volunteer

5 Simple Ways Owners Can Volunteer

There are two huge benefits of motivating HOA property owners to participate in community volunteer work. The first is that it helps to foster unity in the HOA community and make residents feel they have a stake in the association. It also helps the condo board save time and money by getting owners to do projects voluntarily.

Here are five ways to get owners to volunteer in the community:

Launch a Philadelphia Neighborhood Watch

Residents can watch out for suspicious activity and alert the Philadelphia authorities if they notice anything unusual. In addition to helping prevent crimes, residents will appreciate the fact that other HOA owners are helping them stay safe.

Planning Condo Community Events

One of the best ways to create a strong HOA community bond is by hosting seasonal events, but many boards can’t muster the resources to pull off such events. Some owners in the community would not mind helping with the event planning on your behalf.

Community Sanitation

To keep the community clean and beautiful always, some residents can form a group that will get rid of any debris or litter lying on the streets.

Document Maintenance Issues

Residents can volunteer to take note of maintenance issues which they find are in need of attention in the community-such as broken lightbulbs.

Door-to-door Newsletter Delivery

The board can add a human connection to their communication efforts by having a volunteer hand-deliver newsletters to residents, while also cutting cost and time it takes to mail letters.

All these issues can be addressed if you hire a property manager. If your board is searching for a professional and reputable property manager, click the button below to find one in your community.

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