5 Ways to Attract New Condo Board Members

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How to attract brand new board members

Being on the board of an HOA is not always very rewarding. Especially with all the regulations here in Philadelphia. The members spend so much time learning about the community and all its laws without hope of any compensation.  They handle all forms of disagreements and are saddled with the responsibility of making the tough decisions that people don’t like to hear about. All these can make it a little difficult to bring new members on board. Also read:  3 Ways to Deal with Slacking HOA Board Members

How do you convince your community members to join the board? You can inform prospective members that being a member can:

  1. Put them in a better position to influence their community: They probably have opinions about possible improvements to the community and how to go about it – being on the board gives them the opportunity to make their impact felt in the places they’re passionate about.
  2. Give them inside information about important issues: This will give them a unique insight into all the matters that affect their everyday life and the rules governing the association.
  3. Help them acquire valuable skills: They’ll acquire some requisite skills that can be applied to quite a number of professions.
  4. Help them build beneficial relationships: You get to bond with your neighbors as you work together to improve your community. You also get to connect with different professionals from different industries from vendors, down to your fellow board members.
  5. Introduce a different perspective and some diverse expertise: Homeowners might not understand what they bring to the table, but almost everyone can bring about positive impact, whether it’s your accounting skill or event planning or leadership skill, everybody has something unique to contribute. Also read: 6 Philadelphia HOA Association Must-Know Tricks For Engaging Residents On Social Media

Apart from finding new members, you can also employ the services of a property manager to bring in some additional expertise. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect property manager for your board.


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