5 Great Ways Of Showing HOA Love To Your Residents During The Holiday

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Undoubtedly, holidays always comes with merriments, and it is an ideal time to show the residents within your HOA community the depth of the board’s love towards them. Making such a friendly approach shouldn’t be a bank breaker for the board; instead, a simple gift with a written note of sweet words will do the trick and ultimately brings an overall pleasantness to your condominium community in the long run. Consequently, we have highlighted five excellent ways an HOA Board can  show love to within the condominium resident neighbors without having to break the bank. Kindly read along!

  1.    Candle lights and Garlands

An excellent way to show condo neighbors that it’s time to be in the mood for the merriment season, and you appreciate their joining in the mood is to simply get volunteers to help with holiday lighting and decorations. See (5 Simple Ways HOA Owners Can Volunteer). Encourage the lighting of  windows with candles or lights and embellish the main doors of the Association with lighted garlands. Also, the use of LED lights during such a festive time can brighten up the community’s mood and make them feel at home. Even if your association doesn't have a common space garden area, many Philadelphia Condominium Associations have sidewalk trees that can be decorated. Here is a great article on increasing property value with a sidewalk tree.

  1.    Serve out small acts

During the holiday, hang candy canes on each door handle in the Association. It's a brilliant idea. It may be small a small gesture, but you can’t quantify how much such kind gesture does always mean to people particularly during the holiday.

  1.    Share small gifts

The good thing about using gifts during the holiday is that many condo residents hardly expect a gift from their neighbors. Hence, if you do that, you will most likely win their smile and heart. Consider small gifts between $5 to $20 from a nearby grocery shop for people within your small locality. However, if your HOA community is a large one, a raffle draw for a big prize will bring people together and excite them.

  1.    Organize New Year’s Eve get together

You can show your admiration to fellow community residents by bringing them together for a New Year’s day party. For exciting moments, potluck meals will give your association residents so much thrill.

  1.    Collectively show love throughout the HOA Association

For almost every town, there are those who are less privileged and will be unable to have a great time during the holidays. To show them love and make them feel as part of the community, call other well-to-do residents and jointly organize a “good time” for all. Canned foods, drinks, and toy drives will bring great excitement.

The show of love to your fellow residents most especially during the holidays can bring you much more than you can ever possibly imagine. Apart from the love which will dwell within your locality, as you make them feel loved they would rather like to stay than go away – a good thing for business, you know.

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