5 Hidden Facts To Conduct A Short And Productive HOA Board Meeting

Philadelphia HOA Board Meeting Tips

In an earlier discussion we illustrated the Top 5 Philadelphia HOA Board Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

But as a Philadelphia HOA Management Company we see 1st hand how an out of control HOA meeting can wear down board members. Here's our tips!

Members of an HOA Board meeting are mostly top men and women in their respective businesses who always running from one appointment to another. Hence, no board member ever wishes for an extended, long HOA meeting, but in all honesty, almost every HOA board meeting is prolonged more than expected. To save this unwanted “Time Suck”, and have a short and productive board meeting, we offer you these five proven ways to ace these meetings. Enjoy reading!

  1.    Strictly stick to an organized agenda: ensure only to discuss the listed topics such as HOA review, HOA business growth, new decisions, and assignments without going out of boundary.
  2.    Inform the stakeholders before the meeting about the agenda of the upcoming conference and ask them to review before the meeting time.
  3.    Be specific about the discussion time of each agendum. And as much as possible, ensure that you abide by the time limit. In a situation where an unrelated topic is being discussed, inform the participants to present their issue after the meeting.
  4.    Every agendum must fall within three meeting categories as follows; Specified discussion, an appointed course of action, and beneficial motions. Any other topic outside these three categories should be rejected or delayed till next time.
  5.    Endeavor to go over each HOA member’s performance before you end an issue. As a result, everyone will know who and what is responsible for an opinion before you proceed. Also read 5 Simple Ways HOA Owners Can Volunteer

By conducting your HOA’s board meetings in a civilized and organized manner, we are pretty sure your community’s board meetings will end faster than you can imagine without losing its essence.

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